Hey! Are You Depressed?


Jesus has a message for you.

*WARNING*:  Do not believe him.
His message was for entertainment purposes only.

“Cheer up all of you who feel mentally incapacitated, powerless, and regard themselves as insignificant.  The celestial paradise is yours!

Be happy, all of you who come face to face with death and choose not to commit suicide, because you WILL be relieved and soothed!

Cheer up when people insult you and falsely say all kinds of things against you just because you say it as it is and you don’t pretend to be what you’re not (like me).

Be glad and exceedingly happy because above all of this shit, there exists a reward for you and it is great!”

I REPEAT:  Dot believe him.  Jesus knows nothing about suffering, death and personal transformation.  And besides, he does not love you.

Trust this:


5 thoughts on “Hey! Are You Depressed?”

  1. I would have to say that Jesus knows everything about personal suffering, death, and transformation. Seeing as to how He was murdered on a cross, offered as a sacrifice to curb the wrath of God on yours, and my, life, and how He conquered sin and death by raising from the dead. I mean, the Bible also calls Him a “Man of Sorrows”, meaning he was fully acquainted with grief.

    The gift of what He speaks of in the verses you quote is that of eternity. He is speaking to those who believe and giving them hope. He’s basically saying ‘You may be suffering here but if you keep following after me, your reward will be an eternity of peace with me.”

    Jesus nowhere ever says “This life will be easy for you.” Sin has corrupted our world, our bodies, and our souls. It has torn the very fabric of what God initially intended but He sent His son to be THE way of salvation. His message is of no entertaining perspective but rather of life and death.

    Jesus very much loves you. He saw that we were desperately evil people but decided to die in our place, to take our punishment, and offer us a chance to have a relationship with God. Drugs won’t save you. Jesus will.

    I’ve been in many a dark place and it’s tempting to believe everything you’ve said. In that you are not alone. The truth is simply this: Jesus does love you, He does wish to make you like Himself, and He has the power to conquer what’s going on in your life; whether He does that while you’re on this earth or in the eternal state.


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