Sad and Happy

happy and sad

Sad is single
Happy is double

Sad is lonely
Happy accompany

Sad is bad
Happy is glad

Sad is worry
Happy is easy

Sad can’t sleep
Happy rests deep

Sad has pill
Happy has will

Sad is stranded
Happy emancipated

Sad looks down
Happy looks around

Sad is short-sighted
Happy is excited

Sad is flabby
Happy is horny

Sad is gray
Happy is gay


4 thoughts on “Sad and Happy”

    1. LOL! It’s weird though because just before reading your comment I thought of deleting that line, that “Happy is easy”

      I wanted it to mean “easygoing” but I also wanted it to rhyme.

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      1. I get it, the rhyming thing is always fun and seems like the right thing to do, yet sometimes it does limit what we want to say exactly. For example, I see London, I see France, I see Daemon’s underpants. 🙂

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