Daemon is a free spirit who strives to discover himself and realize his highest potential.

His body is a blend of ordinary matter and dark matter, so he is both physical and ethereal, light and dark.

He is not bound to this planet.  His greatest pleasure is to detach from earth and explore other dimensions.  You will often find him hovering between two extremes:  depression and elation.

His mission is to report his experiences by creating short articles that are exciting to read and easy to understand.

His writing often takes the form of a dialog between the two sides of himself.  This sometimes produces original insights and interesting points of view.  His voice tends to inform, remind and provoke.

Daemon always ponders and if you open your heart to him he will listen to you.  But he will rarely tell you what to do because freedom is his motto.


If you are interested in my ego, click here:  My Ego


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Daemon, I have been having trouble with my internet connection on WordPress for last couple of days, for some reason. I was in the middle of replying to your comment on my post, “The Velvet Hammer of Narcissist Abuse”, and in the middle of my reply, I lost your comment 😦 I am going to look for it because I’d really like to finish my reply to you! It’s very frustrating that this is happening with my WordPress Connection 😦 I just wrote a new post, a few min ago, that is about my x-boyfriend, Narcissist/Histrionic, entitled: “The Climax of the Narcissist, (Paper-Doll Man)!” Anyway, I’m sorry for the confusion with your last comment and I’m going to go on a search for it, right now! Thank you so much for your LIKES and Comments!

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    1. The same just happened to me. I clicked the “Contact” button on your blog and started writing to you and all of a sudden everything disappeared. I don’t even know if you received my message. Please let me know if you have (or haven’t). Thanks.


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