I Asked for It…


I did.  I asked for it.  I remember.  Holy shit!

This was years ago.  I was a young fervent born-again Christian.  I had given my life to Jesus and was willing to do God’s will at all costs.  But when you’re 20 years old, the “pleasures of the flesh” are hard to resist.  So what did I do?  I asked God to remove them.

Depression is defined as a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities.

I guess I should be thanking God now, but…  I’m not even a Christian anymore.  The depression was so severe that I actually lost faith in a Loving Father.  I had forgotten my prayer.

Now I have to stop and think.  (I love to stop and think.)

How does the lack absence of pleasure doing normally enjoyable activities help me become a more spiritual person?

Well, duh!

*Aha moment*

Holy shit indeed.

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