Must we keep fighting like this?
You cannot get rid of me, Man.
You derived from me, Daemon!

Don’t confuse me with a demon.
The two are not the same thing.

I am the unrest that exists in you, which forces you into the unknown, leading you to self-discovery or self-destruction, whichever you choose.

I’m the one who leads you on your journey from innocence to experience.  If you push me away, who will help you mature and develop?

I allow you to transition from one place to the next.  I compel you to change from one form to another.

I push you into an event that produces an answer.
Your individuation is the fruit of my endeavor.

Are you with me?  Individuation, do you know what it means?  It’s what makes you an individual, distinguishable from another.  You need this distinction.  Otherwise, what would you be?  A bee?

Get out of group mentality.

Come into the bubble, where light and dark meet.

You want to be motivated by a skillful cosmic power?  I am your man, Daemon.  Link up with me.  Inspired I Am.  Don’t campaign against me.

When you perceive an occurrence which you attribute to the influence of a divine presence, that presence is me.

Within your daimonic imagination lies an uncanny intelligence:  me.

Why close your communication channels with other orders of reality.  Open your mind and spread out before me.

Among all the gods, angels, spirits, muses and aliens (conscious or unconscious), there’s only one partner for you and that person is me.

I promise you, I will inspire your creativity.  And when you create, you become a creator.  I will turn you into a young All Person, a son of Eternity.

You can’t become who you were meant to be, without me.

I’m your daimonic Guardian and my name is Daimon.

Come and embrace me.

Stubborn Unbeliever

Angel Guardian

I don’t believe you.
I don’t believe what you said.
That you are Him and that you’re answering my call.

“Who do you think I am then?”

I told you.  You’re the product of my imagination.

“It doesn’t matter what you believe.  I know who I am.  The One closest to you.”

Nobody would believe me anyway.

“You don’t have to tell anyone.”

If I am really talking to You, I have to tell someone.  I know people who would be very interested.

“Don’t mention it to anyone yet.  I have more things to tell you.”

I’m hearing an imaginary voice.

“Does that mean I don’t exist?”

Well yes.  Imaginary usually means exactly that.  You don’t exist in physical reality.

“I don’t exist in a physical form that you can see, but I exist in angelic form.”

You are the product of my imagination.  I don’t have a connection with any celestial man.

“Yes you do.”

It’s just wishful thinking.

“Where do you think your wishes come from?”

My mind is just making this up as I go along.

“You know that your mind is not making this up.”

There is no other logical explanation.

“Not everything that exists is logical.”

Stop it.

“Daemon, you know that what you are hearing is not the product of your intellect.”

Then it’s my intuition, or some sort of inspiration.

“Maybe it’s some sort of receptor.”

It’s not a receptor.

“Yes it is, I’m sorry.”

I went for a brain scan a few years ago and there were no receptors in my head.

“Did you see the scan photos?”

No, but I trust the doctors.  If there were anything abnormal in my brain, they would have told me.

“Chakras are not detectable by three-dimensional brain scans.”

Oh, please.  Chakras…

“Your intellect cannot fabricate celestial beings.”

I stopped believing in spiritual beings years ago.

“You believe in aliens, don’t you?”

Yes, but you could be an evil one.

“Give me a chance to prove myself, what do you have to lose?”

My sanity.

“What sanity?  You’ve been diagnosed with severe depression.  You are mentally sick according to health experts.”

Right.  But I don’t want it to get worse.

“You ARE at your worst.”

An alien could be evil.  You could be a demon.  You could be lying.

“You’ve never even met an alien.  I suggest you base your beliefs on YOUR experiences, not on anyone else’s.”

But how can I be sure that I’m not being deceived?

“Notice that when you are deceived, it’s usually when you base your beliefs on what other people say, not on your own experiences.”

But you are another person, so why should I base my beliefs on what you say?

“I am not another person.  I am the future you.”

What?  How can you be the future me?

“One day you will merge with me and then come back to the present to help yourself.”

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.  I need a break to think about this.

“You will not gain wisdom by thinking.  But it’s ok, take your time.”



The Celestial Man

Celestial Man

I was talking to this invisible man and at one point he said:  “Don’t you recognize me?”

I recognized something but not visually since I could not see him.  It was not his voice either which was familiar, but something deeper.  I recognized his vibe.  There was no mistake, it was the same vibe I had once known very intimately.

Does a vibe have a name?  I had learned not to attach any name to this particular vibe, but what’s a person without a name.  This vibe was most definitely a person and definitely a man.  So I asked him what his name was and he said:  “I don’t have one.”  And I was relieved.  But I pushed on and insisted that he give me a name because I wanted to address him by name.

Him:  “You can call me anything you want.”

So I gave him a new name, not the one I once used.

Religion sometimes hijacks divine names, and turns them into profit.  The name thereby looses its true meaning. Those who cannot see the spirit of things (the vibe) insist on always using the same 5-letter word.  I refused to do it and the celestial man was quite okay with it.  He understood.  We understood each other.  Words were not necessary.

But for the sake of the Creator of creativity, I absolutely wanted and had to translate this experience into words, and I did.

So yes I recognized him but I lied and said I didn’t.  He respected my answer.

You can lie to yourself in the face of God and he won’t even get upset.

But today I can look him in the “I’s” and say:

Yes I recognize you.  You were the one who touched my core ever so powerfully-gently when I was down and out.  I was 19 and I was lost.  You approached invisibly just like you do today.  I opened up.  You came in.  I rejoiced and was healed.  How can I not recognize the man who uplifts me.  I see now that you ARE the future me and that there is only one way to be rescued from the shit we manage to sink ourselves into.

It is to fuse with you.


I Asked for It…


I did.  I asked for it.  I remember.  Holy shit!

This was years ago.  I was a young fervent born-again Christian.  I had given my life to Jesus and was willing to do God’s will at all costs.  But when you’re 20 years old, the “pleasures of the flesh” are hard to resist.  So what did I do?  I asked God to remove them.

Depression is defined as a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities.

I guess I should be thanking God now, but…  I’m not even a Christian anymore.  The depression was so severe that I actually lost faith in a Loving Father.  I had forgotten my prayer.

Now I have to stop and think.  (I love to stop and think.)

How does the lack absence of pleasure doing normally enjoyable activities help me become a more spiritual person?

Well, duh!

*Aha moment*

Holy shit indeed.