The Psychiatric Hospital

psychiatric hospital

This is an actual photo of the psychiatric hospital I had to go to from 2004 to 2011.

The façade looks like an average hospital, but at the back there are metal bars in front of the upper floor windows to prevent the patients from jumping out.  In my mind it looked more like this:


I didn’t like going there.  Every two weeks or so I had to drive there and expose my mind and body to various health experts.

I remember the day I had to strip naked in front of a female doctor.  I’m not female.  I remember the smirk on her face she tried to hide.  Then she put rubber gloves on and asked me to stand up.  She fondled every part of my body to make sure everything was in place.  After five minutes of humiliation she told me I could put my clothes back on.

She was not an attractive women.  She was tall, skinny and in her 50’s.  Her hair was long and grey and I wondered why she didn’t even bother to comb it.

Here you go, I found a photo.  (All I had to do was type “old witch” in Google Images):

old witch

Life is beautiful.