Ugly Humans


I wish I could see how beautiful humans are, including myself.  Is it normal to find 99% of all people I meet ugly?  Never mind social media and photos.  I’m talking about real people, the ones we see on the street and meet face to face.  99% of them are ugly.

I wonder if it has anything to do with depression.  It seems that it was not like this before.  I used to find most people beautiful.  Now it seems that everyone is plain ugly.  Not pleasant to look at.  Their faces, the shape of their bodies, even their attitude.  I hardly see anything admirable in humans.

Animals are more beautiful than humans, have you noticed?  Or is it just me?  It’s very depressing and I don’t know where to find a cure for this.  Something must be wrong with my perception.  It can’t be okay to find 99% of the members of my own species ugly.

Maybe there’s something wrong with my vision.  Maybe I need new glasses.  Maybe I’m not human.  Hell, sometimes I even wish I was blind, then I wouldn’t have to look at all the ugliness around me.  Is there a drug that could help me?  How can I change my perception?

Comments are welcome.  I need help.  Thanks.


8 thoughts on “Ugly Humans”

  1. Every human being has got both bright and dark side. If dark side becomes dominant, that human being seems ugly. Maybe cognitive approach will be better rather than presuming every person’s dark side is the one that should be seen?

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      1. Self hypnosis will lead to the revealing of your own soul.. I have tried it a little bit..
        May be you try meditation.. This will bring a sense of tranquility inside you, help you to calm to understand the inner beauty.

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  2. I was laughing out loud at the way you’ve written it down! It’s so harsh but hilarious at the same time and this is some real talk, can feel it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone with this. I find people ugly, too. My theory is that most people don’t care about themselves enough so they end up looking unpleasant. As within so without, you know?

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      1. If you can’t force yourself to see it, it’s okay! What’s the point of it anyway? Humans aren’t beautiful because for the 99% – nothing they do is beautiful – look at what happens to the world around us. A truly beautiful being couldn’t screw everything up like that. As within so without! 😀

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      2. I always thought humans were beautiful on the inside. The point would be that if I were able to see this hidden beauty, then I could love them more. Now you might ask: why would I want to love humans more?

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      3. Maybe they are – but I believe if they would be then they’d be beautiful on the outside, too. There would be at least something visible on the outside.

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