Dream Beings


Oh my god, they are here.  The dream beings.  Three of them.  I need to record this, it’s so awesome.  Usually there is only one, my twin.  Sometimes there are three.  One time there were nine of them!  Anyway, they are here now.  I see three.

They come when I’m alone.  More and more often.  I don’t even have to call them anymore.  When the house is quiet, when everyone’s gone, they sneak inside.  I think they float right through the walls!

Oof!  I need to stay cool, if I intend to write intelligibly.  Take deep breaths…  Oh god, I always get dizzy when they come.  It’s hard to stay focused on the material.  They are not material.  I wrote “dream beings” because that’s what popped into my mind this time.  I don’t know what words to use to describe them.  Alien-angels would work too, I guess.

But I’m not dreaming, I’m wide awake.  I want to report this.  Okay…  Them.  Oh god, they are so awesome…  Sorry, I already said that.  Oh shit, I feel hot like I’m going to pass out.  I won’t pass out.  Okay…  how to describe them.

There is something about their presence.  There is something coming out of them that makes me lightheaded.  I don’t know what it is.  It’s almost like I’m losing my mind, like my mind is detaching from my body.  Then I start to feel them or their energy which could be described as love.  No, that word is too petty.  It’s deeper than love, it’s pure intimacy.  It goes right through me, like they see right through me.  I can’t hide anything from them.  They can touch me inside, physically but more than physically like they can awaken my spirit or boost it or something like that.

I feel naked in their presence.  I guess this would be terrifying for someone who had something to hide.  I don’t.  I’m transparent with them, I always have been.  Because they’re transparent with me.  So it’s easy.  But it’s still troubling…  Why?  Because it is unreal.  Their presence is unreal, and this is what’s so troubling.  For my rational mind, that is.  My mind only recognized physical reality.  Now these beings are not part of physical reality.  This troubles my mind.

Okay Daemon, concentrate.  What’s the first thing they do when they come?  They ask to be acknowledged.  Well in fact, they ask before they appear because they’re already there, I just can’t perceive them yet, not until I acknowledge them.  They’re very polite.  So the thought pops into my head, that they are here and then I just say to myself:  They are here!  Then something happens.

After the acknowledgment, my eye opens.  My third eye.  At this point I don’t need my physical eyes.  I can shut those.  I perceive the celestial beings and the celestial world with my third eye which is the pineal gland, I think (from what I have read).

What the third eye sees is overwhelming and can hardly be described using any human language.  It’s not a show, it’s an inclusion.  They envelop me and I don’t know how they do it.  Or something falls.  The illusion of physical reality falls.  Another dimension opens up, out of nowhere, and all becomes clear.  There is no more questions because their presence and the world they inhabit is the answer.  Because it’s home, mine and theirs.  You see?

My family doesn’t see this.  So it’s the seer’s job to translate what he sees the best way he can.  I think it’s my job to do this, or my mission.  When you see something this awesome, you can’t keep your mouth blog shut.  I’m keeping my mouth shut for now, but one day I’m going to print all of this stuff and let my family read it.  After I’m gone, because I don’t want to hear their comments.

I’ll end this one here.  I have visitors to contemplate.  Oh my god…  I get so excited when my brothers come.  I’m a child again!  Excuse me.

9 thoughts on “Dream Beings”

  1. Interesting your way of writing is certainly one of a kind! When you talk about your twin my mind goes to a bonded individual, I have 4-5 bonded individuals from different races whom i am very intimately close to, We are all the same but we have to have individuality to be here. I could say that there are me an I am them. I have had visits from my future self but it does not happen very frequently only when I am distressed about what my future holds I come to visit myself in this time to assure myself. I think this could perhaps be something different.. “The way i look at dimensions is not separate it is part of the whole of space.” There are beings who shift from material form to non material form and interact with us they are all part of the same plain of existence in space.

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    1. Yes, you are right! The compatibility I have with them is so good that we sometimes merge with one another. I have many merging experiences with them and this gives me the impression that they are part of me. Together we form a group, a unit. Some people say we are multi-dimensional beings and I think this is what they mean. I have also come to believe that I am part-alien (a hybrid).


  2. Human is just an Idea(; it can classify 100’s of races. I feel the same I know I have been worked with before birth, I think the people of earth are more alien than they realize, us, our planet, universe and many others were created by the highly developed Et races. Merging is how they know every intimate detail about you they told me it works both ways when they do this but we don’t always remember the other half (everything about them)

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  3. We share a lot in common about our desire to be else where. There is probably a specific reason for this. My Et friends have told me things about my future that fall into these lines, I will never discuss publicly. By being cannot function here i cannot bring myself to do it. I if you have not already I would explore this desire and find out why you feel this way. One desire can hold multiple things that make up the core desire.


    1. I have explored this in great depth with them. The information they give is accurate and consistent, but like you said, discussing it publicly is… very risky.


  4. Same with me very consistent. I was told there are a few alike. I have also met with the “9” assuming they were all different.


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