Meta Morfusion


Slimy little worm
Crawling mediocrity
Why were you born
What is your destiny

Teachers never told you
About the ethereal body
Something within you
Two wings almost ready

Mystery is growing
Dimension and power
Maybe science fiction
Accessible this hour

Angels and deities
Were once just like you
Walking sad zombies
Or animals in a zoo

Trapped here forever
Heaven is which way
Only had you listened
To what they didn’t say

Stuck in this structure
Who will you be
Want something better
Perhaps even marry

Put cards on the table
Cling to the glow
Erase the impossible
Embrace superhero

Forget the illusionary
Mix stardust with matter
Transform the worst enemy
Make him your best lover

Time is an illusion
Must have heard it before
You buy for yourself
What’s already in your store


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