How Are You, Dear?


I found a photo that captures how I felt when I was severely depressed.  You could add a blindfold.  Also add voices of loved ones in the background:

“Just go for a walk, you’ll feel better.”

“Life is beautiful, thank the Lord.”

“Find your passion, something you really enjoy doing.”

“Did you take your medication?”

“You need a vacation.”

“Think positive.”

“Surround yourself with people who love you.”

“Did you try psychotherapy?”

“Read this book.”

“Listen to music.”

Can’t you see I’m tied up?  I don’t even know which side is up!  I can’t move, I can’t see, it’s dark!  What happened?  Who did this?  Why?  Please, shut the fuck up and help me!  I’m dying!  HELLLLLLLLP!  (But you can’t even articulate because there is also a gag cloth in your mouth.)

It’s a horrible picture but I want to add it to my blog.

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