The Celestial Man

Celestial Man

I was talking to this invisible man and at one point he said:  “Don’t you recognize me?”

I recognized something but not visually since I could not see him.  It was not his voice either which was familiar, but something deeper.  I recognized his vibe.  There was no mistake, it was the same vibe I had once known very intimately.

Does a vibe have a name?  I had learned not to attach any name to this particular vibe, but what’s a person without a name.  This vibe was most definitely a person and definitely a man.  So I asked him what his name was and he said:  “I don’t have one.”  And I was relieved.  But I pushed on and insisted that he give me a name because I wanted to address him by name.

Him:  “You can call me anything you want.”

So I gave him a new name, not the one I once used.

Religion sometimes hijacks divine names, and turns them into profit.  The name thereby looses its true meaning. Those who cannot see the spirit of things (the vibe) insist on always using the same 5-letter word.  I refused to do it and the celestial man was quite okay with it.  He understood.  We understood each other.  Words were not necessary.

But for the sake of the Creator of creativity, I absolutely wanted and had to translate this experience into words, and I did.

So yes I recognized him but I lied and said I didn’t.  He respected my answer.

You can lie to yourself in the face of God and he won’t even get upset.

But today I can look him in the “I’s” and say:

Yes I recognize you.  You were the one who touched my core ever so powerfully-gently when I was down and out.  I was 19 and I was lost.  You approached invisibly just like you do today.  I opened up.  You came in.  I rejoiced and was healed.  How can I not recognize the man who uplifts me.  I see now that you ARE the future me and that there is only one way to be rescued from the shit we manage to sink ourselves into.

It is to fuse with you.



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