First Impression


My first impression of him was so strange, I actually thought he was an alien.

After all, I had requested friendly aliens to come and abduct me.  This was when I was REALLY depressed.  I wanted to get off this planet.  I had never felt at home here.  Suicide was out of the question.  What other options did I have?

So right after I acknowledged his presence, I heard “click” in my head and my perception changed.  In one instant, I’m pretty sure some neurons in my brain were disconnected and then reconnected to form a new grid.

There was someone there.

After I said hi, he responded hello, then I asked who he was.

Him:  “I am the future you.”

I argued with him.  I told him that he wasn’t real, that he was the product of my imagination.  But he kept insisting that he was real.

Him:  “Imagination is a window that allows you to see through the veil.”

Me:  “If you were real, I would see you.”

Him:  “You can hear me, can’t you?”

I could not hear him audibly.  There were no sounds.  His words were not coming through my ears, they were deposited directly in my mind.  They were not even words, they were more like clear, vivid impressions which I had to translate into words.  It felt like a transfer of thought or telepathy perhaps, I don’t know.

I also wondered if I was schizophrenic and hearing voices.  He told me I was not.

By that time I had already grabbed my laptop and started typing our dialog because I was quite amazed.  I thought that maybe this was some kind of inspiration.  I was not anxious or scared at all.  I felt safe, and most bizarre of all… I felt loved.  A soothing kind of affection was emanating from his presence.

So anyway, this was my first impression of him.  I thought about what he had said, that he was the future me.  Then I got confused and figured that if he was me, then I was just talking to myself like a real crazy person.

Him:  “I don’t want to confuse you, just fuse with you.”

Me:  “What the f…  Fuse with me?”

Him:  “I am your man, the real you.  Identify with me.”

I just swallowed the information.  And that’s when my identity started to metamorphose.

3 thoughts on “First Impression”

  1. I can relate. I can speak to my higher self I did an interview once and wrote it down. It got lost in the transition after I deleted my old site. I personally the Ets are waking you up to your true self. When this happened to me i was in a similar place the Ets came to me directly and talked with me every night I thought it was myself. I found the blog etandi and things kicked off in high gear as i realized what as happening. No matter what you read you wont know until you experience it for yourself. It can be a lonely place at times.

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    1. That’s interesting because I also started to interview one of them, twice actually, but then I stopped because I thought it was stupid and no one would believe it anyway. It is very lonely at times. I mentioned it to my family but they are very skeptical — they don’t know what to think. They either say nothing or they say it’s evil. But I know better. These experiences have opened up a whole new reality for me. I found the blog “etandi” and will check it out. Thanks!


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