I feel trapped inside my own body.  How do you fix that?

It raises many questions.  Who is the “I” who feels trapped?  My spirit?  My soul?  It certainly is not my body.  The “I” has to be some kind of entity separate from my body in order to feel trapped in it.

The “I” seems to be the real me.  The secret me who nobody knows or has access to.

My body is not very useful anymore.  It has so many defects.

Something is wrong with the reward system.  Have you heard about the reward system?  It is a group of neural structures responsible for wanting or desire, pleasure and positive reinforcement.  So my stupid body doesn’t want anything because it gets no pleasure out of it.  It doesn’t get rewarded, so why bother?

Rewarded with what?  Dopamine!  Have you heard of dopamine?  It’s a kind of dope that the body produces to reward itself.  How cool is that!  This is what makes us desire this and that.  The pleasure we receive does not come from the things we do, but from the dopamine rush that the body produces when we do certain things.

Well this is what I understood from reading articles on the subject.  I’m not an expert in neurology, so don’t take my word for it.

So humans are just a bunch of dopamine addicts.  What we call happiness is nothing but a rush of dopamine.  It’s kind of sad when you think about it.

And what happens when the body decides to stop producing dopamine?  Depression.  No happiness no matter what you do.

Stupid body, I want out of it.


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